Silicone Heel Pad


Soft gel heel pads for plantar fasciitis helps to relieve your heel pain & discomfort from sore hurting heels, sore feet, bone or aching heel spurs, Achilles & edema, treat stress fractures, sprained foot when walking or running. Silicone gel pads for heel pain, heel pads for bone spur and Achilles pain, gel heel cup pads, shock absorption pad and support, Protectors for your sore or bruised feet.

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Uses of Gel Heel Pads

Do you suffer from heel and foot pain? Are you or someone you are worried about fed up with plantar fasciitis pains? Not being able to walk, run, or do fun activities because of your foot pain?

We have your solution:

  • Foot and Heel Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bone & Heel Spurs
  • Bruised Heels
  • Edema

Medical grade boots gel heel pads for shoes & sandals provides you with the highest level of compression and support. Incredible protection for heels, Bone Spurs, bumps and bruises. Perfect for all day wear, nurses, hospitality workers, runners, athletes, active people, people looking to get more out of each day, perfect gift for friend or family member with foot pain.

Why our customers Love them:

  • Comfortable, lightweight
  • Extremely durable , washable for reuse
  • Better heel protection


  • Evenly distributes the pressure created with each step. The comfortable gel massages the heel and provides superior shock absorption relief.
  • The gel insoles can provide exceptional comfort and support the heel through every step by elevating the heel to improve foot posture.
  • The latex-free heel cups also absorb the shock of each step and redistribute the pressure to relieve heel and foot pain and reduce fatigue.
  • The heel lifts for shoes is comfortable and light-weight, but the material is extremely durable and it’s washable for reuse.
  • The gel heel cups are simple to use which can be as instant pain relief and protection and save your money on expensive medical bills.
  • If you are suffering from pain like foot & heel painplantar fasciitis, bone & heel spurs and bruised heels, our gel heel cups are your best choice.


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