TENS Electrode Pads Taiwan


TENS electrodes replacement pads that are now available over the counter. Electrode pads are comfortable & flexible while using your TENS machine

TENS electrodes pads which is wonderful when you use ,Using a standard Ø 2 mm diameter male pigtail plug connector. Used for physical and digital therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and electro stimulation therapy, pain relief, muscle shock therapy, sciatic nerve stimulation, and other pain management treats. To treat sore and tired muscles, muscle stiffness and chronic pain on your feet, waist, back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs and more.

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Premium Reusable TENS Electrode PadsSelf-Adhesive Electrodes Patches for TENS/EMS Massage Therapy. These TENS pads / Electrodes  are made for use with TENS unit with the following model # Comfy STIM, Comfy TENS, Comfy EMS, Besmed TENS BE-660.
  • Self-adhesive
  • Can be reused up to 30 times
  • Gel-based
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Universal connectors (compatible with most TENS brands)
  • Resealable packet to retain freshness
  • latex-free


UNIVERSALLY-COMPATIBLE: These Electrodes are for all TENS unit machine, EMS tens unit and electric pulse stimulation machine using a standard Ø 2 mm diameter male pigtail plug connector.
Durable flexi-meshcloth enabling curving to body contours and joints.
Safe and Latex-free , Over The Counter(OTC) Use Carbon-fiber construction provides excellent conductivity and flexibility.


50 x 50 cm


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